May 2013 Index

June 20, 2013

Prices Have Been Rising in Other Areas as Well

An article from Lisa Scherzer, finance editor for Yahoo Finance’s The Exchange, earlier this month listed ten items that have risen significantly in price over the past 10 years. In the article she noted that:

1. Fuel oil and other fuels (for home) have risen 145%
2. Gasoline is up 108%
3. College tuition has risen 88%
4. Hospital services have risen 85%
5. College textbooks are up 83%
6. Elementary and high school tuition and fees are up 67%
7. Beef and veal prices are up 64.8%
8. Eggs are up 58%
9. Veterinarian services are up 63%
10. Tax return preparation and other accounting fees have risen 51% due to increased tax complexity.

We will continue to monitor and discuss price changes in the economy. You will find these frequent reports on this website and in our weekly letters. Stay tuned.